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Grooms Garage Sweet Lamb Rally Time Trial

25th June 2023 - Regs Available Soon!!

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Croeso, Welcome, to the Grooms Garage Sweet Lamb Rally Time Trial 2023.


Newtown & District Automobile Club Ltd are organising the second running of the Grooms Garage Sweet Lamb Rally Time Trial, which will be held entirely within the Sweet Lamb Motorsport Complex.


This event will be for a crew consisting of a Driver and Co-driver and therefore there will be route notes available from Onthepacenote. Contact details are shown in the Entries section of the Regulations.


We are deeply indebted to our new title sponsor, Grooms Garage for coming on board, and also to the Bennett-Evans family for the use of the Sweet Lamb Motorsport Complex. Also, thanks must go to all our other sponsors for enabling us to run the event.


The event will consist of a 4-mile stage run 3 times in each direction, along with a low speed convoy recce run in the competition car before the first run in each direction. This will give a total stage mileage of 24 miles, not including the sighting runs. Competitors should note that there will be NO REFUELING of cars on the event – cars must arrive with enough fuel in the tank to complete the whole event.


Thank you for showing interest in this event and we look forward to seeing you in June for an enjoyable day’s motorsport.


Good Luck to all from the Organising Team.


Wayne Jones

Clerk of the Course



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